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OeKB > ESG Data Hub for banks

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For many companies, sustainability is already playing a central role in their strategy. Environmental, social, and sustainable corporate governance criteria are becoming increasingly relevant in order to be competitive. Yet companies are not only evaluated by banks with regard to their contribution towards sustainable development, but also by their clients and employees.

Meeting ESG criteria ensures that companies adhere to a series of important sustainability aspects and thus allows for a transparent assessment. But it is also important for companies to know what is expected of them and what information is required. This provides companies with an opportunity to identify and make use of their potential for further development.

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OeKB as
a reliable partner

High standards and neutrality

OeKB is also subject to banking rules and regulations, in addition to supervisory requirements, while simultaneously being a neutral participant in the market. The OeKB > ESG Data Hub ensures data confidentiality and data security. This is achieved by means of strict IT security guidelines.

Structured, standardised data and interface capabilities

The OeKB > ESG Data Hub provides structured, standardised, and harmonised data, and thus ensures greater data plausibility. The solution relies on the experience gained by OeKB with interfaces in connection with its legal functions, such as the automated data transfer as a reporting office according to the Austrian Capital Market Act and in its OAM function pursuant to stock exchange law, and thus enables optimal integration into existing IT systems.

Participation and joint further development

As operator of the platform, OeKB will ensure that the service is continually improved and expanded. Therefore, no investment costs or personnel expenses are needed for the development and operation of companies’ own systems. Participating banks can help design and improve the OeKB > ESG Data Hub.

Mutual success

The particular ownership structure of OeKB ensures that the success of the business model remains in this consortium.

Together for more customer satisfaction

Opting in favour of the OeKB > ESG Data Hub represents an improvement in the service provided to your customers thanks to a coordinated approach in the banking sector.

Licence packages

Two types of licence packages are available to banks: a single licence or a group licence. In order to select the correct package, two aspects should be considered, namely how the risk management is organised and how many banks will be using the licence.

Single licence

Your bank handles its own risk management and no other banks are involved in this.

Group licence

The task of risk management is handled for multiple banks on a centralised basis. The group consists of multiple banks. A group licence holder will handle the billing.

There are six licence classes that depend on the total assets of the bank or of all banks in a group. We will gladly send you details regarding pricing on request.


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