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OeKB at a glance

The OeKB > ESG Data Hub is a service provided by OeKB. The companies of the OeKB group provide essential and relevant services for the Austrian export economy, capital market, and tourism industry; offer services for the energy market; and play an important role in Austrian development financing. All of their activities result in clear benefits for the economy, strengthen Austria as a place to do business, and make Austria more internationally competitive. OeKB acts in a neutral manner for the benefit of all industries with a clear commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

The OeKB group performs its activities as a private sector company on the one hand, and by means of mandates from the Republic of Austria on the other.

Values and mission

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As an important partner for the economy and the Republic of Austria, we provide vital impetus for healthy economic growth with our diverse range of services, while also contributing to the success of Austria’s economy on a long-term basis. We aim to fulfil this role in a responsible and professional manner.

In our everyday work, we let ourselves be guided by our values: This allows us to complete our tasks in a competent, professional, and reliable way. We constantly strive to improve our services. Our top priority when it comes to our customers is to act in a customer-oriented and unbureaucratic manner while at the same time creating added value.

Due to of the special positioning of the OeKB group, which also handles duties as an authorised representative of the Republic of Austria, we act in a manner that is competitively neutral and economically important. We also take our responsibilities towards society and the environment very seriously in our everyday work. You can find more information about OeKB’s sustainability management on our website.


Feel free to contact us!

Our contact persons will be happy to assist you and can provide you with more information on the OeKB > ESG Data Hub.

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Nastassja Cernko

Head of
Group ESG Office

T +43 1 53127-2866


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Christian Steinlechner

OeKB > ESG Data Hub
Senior Manager

T +43 1 53127-3079


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Lea Gratt

OeKB > ESG Data Hub
Assistant Manager

T +43 1 53127-3042


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Sarah Riegler

OeKB > ESG Data Hub
Assistant Manager

T +43 1 53127-3067


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Miriam Vallant

OeKB > ESG Data Hub
Assistant Manager

T +43 1 53127-3037


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