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Together for more sustainability

The key to sustainable finance: Use the OeKB > ESG Data Hub to evaluate your company according to ESG criteria, and reap the benefits!
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  • Climate
  • Biodiversity
  • Water
  • Resource scarcity
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  • Employees
  • Food security
  • Demographic change
  • Health and safety
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  • Risk & Reputation Management
  • Supervisory structures
  • Compliance
  • Corruption

What the OeKB > ESG Data Hub offers

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The OeKB > ESG Data Hub is the key to sustainable finance for companies and banks. Companies can collect and manage their ESG data on the platform with the help of the standardised questionnaires. This information can then be shared with banks of your choice. The platform facilitates an efficient exchange of information between companies of all sizes and banks, thus ensuring transparency for all. Would you like to know how your company is performing in a sector comparison? The OeKB > ESG Data Hub shows the anonymised, aggregated results for other companies in your sector, which makes sector comparisons easier than ever before.

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Transparent reporting of sustainable actions

As a result of ever stricter regulations from the European Banking Authority, banks are obligated to evaluate the ESG criteria of their corporate clients, for instance when granting loans. This measure is an important step in transforming the economy in the direction of greater sustainability. However, the topic of sustainability is relevant for more than just lending. In future, companies will be increasingly required to make a contribution towards sustainability and, in particular, to make the details of this public.

The OeKB > ESG Data Hub provides companies with an opportunity to take the initiative and perform a sustainability evaluation according to ESG criteria. The results can then be made available to banks. The ESG questionnaires were developed together with Austrian banks by means of a participatory approach, and meet Austrian ESG data collection standards.

A solution for small, medium and large enterprises

Sustainability reporting is already mandatory for certain companies now. However, the requirements set out by the European Union are becoming increasingly strict, and more and more companies are being obligated to participate. Demands from clients and other stakeholders are also increasing in this context. It is therefore an advantage - for enterprises of all size - to take the initiative and become active themselves.

The obligations placed on small or medium-sized companies differ from those for large enterprises, which is why the questionnaire for small and medium-sized enterprises is different than the one for large ones. Here is an overview of the most important differences:

Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Condensed, simplified questionnaire
  • Mandatory and optional questions
  • Comparative analysis
  • Simple to update figures annually
  • Summary of results

Large enterprises

  • All questions are mandatory
  • Group reporting possible (for group and subsidiaries)
  • Comparative analysis
  • Simple to update figures annually
  • Summary of results
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How the
OeKB > ESG Data Hub
benefits you

Total control

Transparency and total control by independently completing and submitting the company data

Annual update

Little effort required in subsequent years as the relevant figures are simply updated

Comparative analysis

Compare the sustainability profile of your company with others in the sector or across all sectors


Credibility thanks to OeKB’s role as a reliable partner


Automatic transfer of data to all banks selected by the company

This is how it works

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Create an account

With only a few clicks, you can create an account by using the link that you received from your bank.

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Add other users

You can invite colleagues from your company to the account so as to collect information and work on your profile together.

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Company verification by OeKB

The registration is verified by OeKB before your company is activated. This usually only takes a few hours.

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Select the questionnaire for SMEs or large enterprises

Before you start entering information, please select the correct questionnaire according to the size of your company.

step image

Answer the questions

After selecting the questionnaire, you can start answering the questions. This process can be interrupted and restarted again at any time. You can also assign questions to other users.

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Receiving the summary

After completion, you will receive a summary of the results and can compare this to the results of other companies in the same sector, i.e. with all companies that have registered on the platform.

What you can do with
the results

Give banks access

Let one or more banks access your ESG data.

Compare your company

Analyse how your company performs in the respective areas in comparison to other companies in the sector or across all sectors.

Manage your ESG profile

You can add or adapt company information at any time if it changes or you wish to update your profile.


Get started on your path to a more sustainable future now

The key to sustainable finance: Use the OeKB > ESG Data Hub to collect ESG criteria information free of charge for your company by means of a standardised questionnaire, and then easily share the raw figures with banks of your choice.

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